Template Toolbox: 15 Templates for Print Design

Here at Dead Wings we have motto that we live by. ‘Always have a template for success’ Now by ‘motto’, I mean a nice segue into this article, and by ‘live by’, I mean that we have seriously considered the weight of this statement since I wrote it… last night.

But we feel this in no way diminishes the effect of the segue whatsoever.

So…moving on. Speaking of templates for success, we thought that we would put together a post along those same lines, you know, since it’s something that we live by. (See previous ‘live by’ disclaimer above.)

So we thought we would pull out the special template toolbox for all of the print designers out there across the spectrum of the field. From snowboards to magazines, we have assembled a handful of useful templates to use in your design workings. Hope you enjoy what the box has to offer!

Snowboards and Skateboads

Snowboard Template

Skateboard Template

Skate Longboard Template


T-shirt Templates

Long Sleeve T – Side View

DVDs and CDs

DVD Plastic Case

DVD Label

DVD Case Inlay

DVD Case+Art

Jewel Case

Books and Magazines

Magazine Template

Book Cover Templates

Comic Layout Page


Product Package Template

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  • http://www.additivedesigns.com Andrew

    Awesome! After you guys released Dead Wings with those snowboard designs I went looking for some templates; found the same snowboard and skateboard one, but all these new ones are awesome!


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  • ndough

    Your snowboard and skateboard templates are amazing, awesome an easy handling. Thank you very much.

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