Reviving the Dead – The Return of Dead Wings Designs


After taking over a year and a half off from the site here, I am rebooting, reloading, and re-engaging my wings. My dead wings, that is…I’m sorry. That was unnecessary. And way too easy. So let’s move on.

Kicking the dust off this old platform for my darker design exploits, and redirecting it somewhat to showcase my content creator side, I am taking off and once again updating this blog with much more regularity.

Magazine No More

In this reboot, I have decided to dump the online ‘magazine-style’ presentation that we shifted to once upon a time. While it was a novel approach to the blog, it ultimately suffered from a lack of time on our behalf, and the fact that both of us had a wicked case of personal project procrastination. And given the amount of time we needed to give to paying projects that we had, the magazine stalled…and then it just stopped altogether.

So instead of preparing a bulk of posts to deliver to readers on a quarterly basis, we are taking the blog back to basics with regards to content presentation. We are also steering away from the art directed posts that went along with the magazine too. Though we opted to keep the large, open format that gives the blog a comfortable, over-sized look. Serving the larger than life nature we always wanted the line of all Dead Wings content to have.

The Issue that Never Was

When we stopped updating, we owed our readers a double issue of the magazine to close out the year of 2011. Given that we never quite finished that issue up, we thought we would re-purpose the articles we did have ready so as to not let the awesome the issue would have contained go to waste. One of the posts that we posted with this relaunch came from the issue that never was. Below is a look at that final cover that we had designed, that was never released.


The issue covered both Halloween and the Holiday Season, so be on the lookout for a couple of comedic treats later this year (when they would be more appropriately timed). But also be prepared for the type of content that kept the dead kicking and readers coming back even while we were away. That edge will remain, the inspiration will flow, and the resources will cometh.

Onward and Upward

So welcome back! Here is to the future of Dead Wings Designs, and to those who are coming back to the party after all this time. Looking forward to reconnecting and catching up!

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  • Noma Black

    It’s a shame you guys decided to forgo the magazine. It looked great and seemed like you were on to something. But it is hard trying to maintain. I’m learning and have learned the hard way. At least you’re still creating and sharing. That’s what’s most important.

    • robertbowen

      Thanks, Noma! While we are still ever so proud of that design, and it is sad to see it go, I am excited about returning to these roots of ours and giving the Dead new life!

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