Nightmares of Inspiration

With Halloween having passed, and Dia De Los Muertos having also come and gone the season of ghosts, ghouls and other nightmarish things has been officially retired for now. However, for many (and not just those who are fans of American Horror Story) the nightmares never truly go away.

The haunted days remain, lingering in the dark corners of our minds, springing themselves on our subconscious while we sleep. Sometimes those nightmares can be devastatingly bothersome. Sometimes they can be awesomely inspiring. And some twisted terrors can actually be both.

And given that sometimes you have to face your fears in order to vanquish them, we have gathered a gallery of the horrible and macabre for our readers cringeworthy showdown with their worst nightmares. The gallery awaits…enter at your own risk.

The Horrors

From the Dark Side of Light Collection by Danielle Tunstall

Nightmares Reign by geodex

Horror by Kredepops

Japanese horror by Dosimeter

CARNIVAL OF HORROR by mariano7724

The Black Book of Horror by pmoodie

Devouring Horror by Orin

Meds by Frederico Bebber

Horror by tssuriko

Horror by kacza-ino

Zombies by geodex

Horror by AR74

Horror by xRafaeL

Horror Art by KnightFlyte96

Horror by aurainsert

Horror Show by suchaprettytoy

Isla Morta by $zilla774

Man of Horror by natspearl13

Embrace My Sorrow by DoctaBoRk

HELP… by emmil

My Inner Ogre by t-gar

CREEPY SHOW by mariano7724

The Tooth Fairy by scaryjesus

From the Dark Side of Light Collection by Danielle Tunstall

Sin Sisters by Kode Logic

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