Designing a Website With SEO in Mind

Designing a beautiful website for your business will certainly attract more customers and build trust.  Having lots of images and easy navigation along with good site speed all helps to retain customers on your site for a longer period of time.  This could lead to either a click through to a product or if you are a brick and mortar business can lead to two your location or have the customer call you directly from the website.

Great Site Design only One Element

Of course, having a nice looking web site is only one element that will help you with your business.  If your website is not SEO optimized, it will have a hard time ranking in the search engines.  A lot of designers these days focus strictly on what the site looks like without keeping SEO in mind.  This can be a grave mistake as not having proper on page SEO is like building a house on a foundation of sand.  The framework for the site with the proper on page optimization must be drawn out well before any design elements are executed.

Business owners that are not Internet savvy may be impressed with the site designed for them.  They will be completely unaware that although it looks great, the search engines may have a different opinion.  If the search engines have a hard time reading it and more specifically if your key words cannot be found in titles, content or URLs then it’s going to be a challenge to rank.

Design & SEO Must Work Together For Success

As most designers do not understand SEO, it is no wonder that this happens.  The best scenario were to be to have the designer consult with an SEO expert first to set up the foundation of the web site with the proper keyword density, titles and URLs and then paste that design around these elements.  The SEO expert should do the research first to decide what elements are necessary to incorporate into the content.

It is important that the designer works with the SEO consultant to ensure that the website is properly optimized for the search engines.  There is no reason for a good looking site not to have all the proper on page elements in check.  If the site looks great then users of the site will stay on longer and find what they need easier.  If the site is SPO optimized for the search engines then search engines like google yahoo or Bing will index it based on what the site is targeting.


These two elements are important for success.  Having an ugly site with excellent on page SEO will bring you traffic but might turn off viewers.  A great looking site may build trust with the viewer but if it’s never found then it’s pointless.  Having these two elements together will certainly help with your success.