Inspired by Fantasy: Gallery of Imagination

fantinsppreview The world is an overly creative place filled with expressions of limitless imagination. Nowhere can this boundless creativity to be seen in more colorful and exciting imagery than when you are looking beyond our world and into others born of pure imagination. Which is what brings us to this creative collection

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AD-vancing the Enemy

I have noticed a disturbing trend throughout the online web design and development community that seems to be getting worse. And that is the number of sites dedicated to the web design community and those working in said community, undermining the very industry by allowing their advertising space to be populated by services that demean and devalue the fields as a whole.

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Nightmares of Inspiration

With Halloween having passed, and Dia De Los Muertos having also come and gone the season of ghosts, ghouls and other nightmarish things has been officially retired for now. However, for many (and not just those who are fans of American Horror Story) the nightmares never truly go away.

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Fall of Inspiration: Techs, Drugs, and Creative Lows

This post was originally written in Dec. of 2011. It acts as something of an explainer to our absence from the blogs. Now that we are back, we felt we should finally share the story.

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The Five W Design Brief (With Printable PDF)


Two truisms of the design industry are that we all as a community benefit when we share our experiences with one another, and that using a well constructed design brief can be crucial to truly honing in on what it is the client is looking for.

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Reviving the Dead – The Return of Dead Wings Designs


After taking over a year and a half off from the site here, I am rebooting, reloading, and re-engaging my wings. My dead wings, that is…I’m sorry. That was unnecessary. And way too easy. So let’s move on.

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Top Notch Freelancing : Outranking the Rest

With the current state of the economy more designers are turning to the freelancing arena to try and generate some extra revenue. Given the growing pool that potential clients have to choose from, any extra steps that we can take to really separate ourselves from the crowd can help us get a leg up on the competition.

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Are Your Fingerprints Felt? Developing Your Design Signature


Nearly every day we see the lines blur between art and design more and more. The debate continues from within the community as to just where exactly those lines are drawn in the first place. So as designers set out creating stunningly aesthetic solutions for our clients needs, we can see similarities between the art world and the design world.

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Freebie – In The Round Vector Pack 2

Not long ago on Arbenting Freebies we had a vector pack release that was never meant to sit as a single set. Not just because Rob gets addicted to an idea either…but that’s part of it. And now in true Pokemon fanfolks fashion we have the brand new sequel right here so you can collect them all! That’s right, it’s a crossover freebie event!

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Get Inspired with Futuristic Steampunk

Given that this issue is going to carry us through the summer, we figured that our readers might need an extra dose of inspiration to make it to the other side of the summer sun. So we thought for this round we would punk things up a little bit. Steampunk, that is!

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